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Rent drills and other power tool rental around Hendersonville.
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Some projects you can finish by hand, others require some power. Drills, hammer drill, coring drill and concrete saws are just a few rental equipment items you’ll find at King Equipment Rental here in Hendersonville. Maybe you’re planning ahead -- you know you don’t have all the tools you need so you rent them. At other times, you might think you have a tool, but you don’t. Still, there are other instances when you have a tool, but it malfunctions mid-project. Regardless of the situation that leaves you tool-less, King Equipment Rental can help you.


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Power Tool Rental

For those who area always building, remodeling, etc. having power tools on hand is necessary, but not everyone does. So buying something can’t really be justified. If that’s your situation, and you need power tool rental, you’re at the right place. For over nine decades Equipment Rental has provided what you need for your project. Open six days a week, you’ve got a place to turn when you need that special tool. Simply call or email us today to learn about our line of power tools available for rent.