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Lawn Equipment Rentals

Lawn equipment rentals and garden tool rentals in Hendersonville

We have the Classen PRO Sod Cutter!

Get lawn care equipment rental items here like a rototiller, sod cutter, lawn roller and lawn thatcher rental. There are also lawn equipment rentals like bushhogs and bededgers. Essentially, if you need anything that keeps your landscaping and lawn beautiful, King Equipment Rental has what you need. So if you’re wondering the cost to rent aerator or you want to rent lawn equipment of another nature, contact us. However, it’s not just lawn care equipment rental that’s offered. There are also garden tool rentals here too.



For lawn and garden tool rentals call 828-232-8101

Garden Tool Rentals

Tillers, blowers and trimmers are just the start. You’ll find an assortment of tools for rent that keeps your garden growing its best. Don’t buy something you might use once a year when you can just rent it. For decades, we’ve help families in Hendersonville with the lawn and garden tools they need the most. Let us help you too. An email or a phone call is all it takes to learn more about garden and lawn equipment rentals awaiting you.